In this article we will tell you 7 things you should have before traveling to Russia, those tips can save you in many aspect of traveling.

We are not talking about the issue of passports or insurance since this is part of the legal process before visiting Russia, although we can clarify the issue of insurance since health in Russia is very economical if necessary.

Let know 7 essential things, not to lengthen much.

1- A bank card with sufficient funds for a stay of 10 extra days.

Why ?

Because in case of loss of passport, the procedure to have a new one of urgency can lengthen according to the embassy of each country, the majority of embassies are not responsible for the expenses of the stay.

In addition to the time required by the embassy for procedures must take into account transactions with the administration and the Russian police, to report and what steps involved with it in the absence of language and many details.

Traveling to Russia

2- Complicated medications to get

In Russian pharmacies you can get more than 90% of the medicines that are usually used in the world, of course the format and name may be different but the composition is almost always the same (even in cases of prescription medicines), but there are 10% of medicines that are very difficult to obtain, medicines with special formulas of preparation or very high costs, since in these cases you have to order for them and wait.

3- A photographic camera

In case if you are going to visit Russia between the months of December and April, it is advisable to bring a camera; a smartphone is used to take photos and every time there is more quality, but in winter you may run out of photos because of the low temperatures, most phones turn off at temperatures below -5 degrees and if they do not turn off, the hands freeze and take a photo becomes an impossible mission. In our experience there were even cases that the touch screen of the smartphones stops working.

4- Worm clothes

In the same period of third recommendation, it is necessary in your traveling to Russia to come equipped with appropriate clothes, sports shoes with winter socks do not work, you must have boots of maximum cold, good scarf, coat and thermal underwear.

5- Power Bank

External batteries for the different devices that you are going to use in the tours, because of so many things that you see the tourist runs out of battery at noon.

6- An adapter for plugs

In Russia, type C or similar are used, if in your country is different, we recommend you bring an adapter. you can buy it in Russia for less than 2 dollars but time is wasted looking for it. If you hire services with us, when we receive you at the airport, the driver delivers it to you upon arrival.

7- Finally, the most important thing to have when deciding to visit Russia is eager to discover a country rich in history, culture, society and everything that one can imagine.

If you have any doubt you can leave a comment with your question and we will be happy to answer before that you begin your traveling to Russia.

In Russia, the visit with a private guide and private transport is more recommended, since in this way the whole time is used to get to see all the places of tourist interest.


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