Moscow Bolchoi Theatre
Let discover all about the most faous theatre in Russia
Tsaritsino Park and Palace
You have no time to go to St. Petersburg ? Than let visit this amazing Palace and Park.
Moscow Kremlin Armory
The biggest collection in the world of Jewerly and golden gifts
Tretyakov Russian Art Gallery
Unique in Russia and in the world, for Art lovers

More Tours in Moscow

Our first recomendation in extras tours in Moscow is related with the theatre.

Seeing a Ballet or Opera play in the most fomous theater in Russia The Bolchoi Theatre” is a unique experience, but for the majority of Moscow visitors; due to lack of time or tickets; They find it impossible to enjoy it, so we propose the option of a guided tour of the entire interior of the theater, to know all its history and with all the details.

Visit the Bethooven hall, the historical theatre, approach the stage, the balconies, the famous bar, the exhibition halls and the private rooms of the emperors among other corners of this great theater.

There are 2 types of visits, in Group or private, this visit is combined with other activities scheduled on the same day.

Another option of the most recommended tours in Moscow is a visit to the Moscow Kremlin armory.

Although the name invokes something related to weapons, in reality this museum is unique in the world with the world’s largest collection of treasures from the ages comprised since the Riurik dynasty and the end of the Romanovs.

In the armory of the Moscow Kremlin are the authentic thrones, crowns, canes, jewels and thousands of luxurious items of all designs and different backgrounds.

Visits are made with AudioGuide (Very complete and cover all museum) or you can pay an extra to have an internal guide. We only do the accompaniment and guide inside so that the details are not lost. (THE RULES OF THE MUSEUM DO NOT ALLOW EXTERNAL GUIDES TO CARRY OUT PRIVATE TOURS)

If you are a lover of painting, then you cannot miss visiting the largest Russian art collection in the world in the Tretyakov gallery, with audio guide or with an internal guide, the pleasure is maximum. (THE RULES OF THE MUSEUM DO NOT ALLOW EXTERNAL GUIDES TO CARRY OUT PRIVATE TOURS).
Renowned artists such as: Andréi Rubliov, Valentín Serov, Iván Aivazovski, Konstantín Flavitski, Alexánder Ivanov and a long list of the geniuses of Russian painting that marked different epochs and styles.

For our visitors who do not plan to visit St. Petersburg, and have the elder to see a sample of the luxury of the palaces of the Romanov dynasty, we recommend a guided visit to the Tsaritsyno park and its Grand palace.
It is one of the samples of the Romanov theme in Moscow that receives more visitors but is not the only one.

In the case of visiting the Tsaritsyno park, it is highly recommended to visit the nearby park that represents a unique sample of the Romanov dynasty beginning, the Kolomenskoye park with the wooden palace of the Tsar Alexis I in addition to the Ascension Cathedral and its surroundings (REGISTERED AS HERITAGE OF HUMANITY BY UNISCO).

In the tourist guides there is an abundance of publicity of visits to the Stalin bunker, but visitors to that place are left with a huge disappointment due to several factors, we invite you to visit a real bunker although for this visit there are several conditions to meet since no It is suitable for everyone.
People who cannot attend this visit:
– Pregnant women.
– Clastrophobic.
– People with walking problems
It is a unique experience that with the help of professionals who work on the site turn a simple visit into an occasion to have unique memories, photos and videos.

It is the same tour as the Sightseeing Tour of the day with the only difference that takes place at night.

With the options of more tours in Moscow, we want to complete the experience that our visitors dream to enjoy during their stay in the great capital of Russia.