Red Square
Just one of the most beautiful places in the world
Moscow Kremlin
Most of our visitors ask : Does Vladimir Putin lives there ?
Moscow Metro
Why they call it the Underground Palace ?
Christ Saviour Cathedral
It is not a Cathedral, it is a symbol. Of what ?
Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Historical Center Tour

Online abound the offers of Moscow Historical Center Tour but just a few has what the visitor is really looking for.
We are not teachers who are going to do a book reading to tourists, we are not to bore you.
Our idea and way of doing the tour is to enjoy with each member of the group, that’s why we offer only the private tour. We listen and answer each question, for this reason the opinions about us in the travel forums are excellents.
The tour covers the entire central area and the subway visiting the most beautiful and historic stations.
In the itinerary tab you will find the most emblematic places that are visited but there is much more than the indicated.

Meeting with your guide at the hotel (9:30)

  • Tour in the subway (The most emblematic stations)
  • Overview of the Bolshoi Theater (Outside)
  • The Duma (The Chamber of Deputies)
  • The famous monument to Marshal Gueorgui Konstantínovich Zhúkov
  • The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan
  • The Red Square
    • The Mausoleum of Lenin (Outside)
    • St. Basil’s Cathedral (Inside Optional)
      • The tomb of St. Basil
      • The archaeological museum in San Basilio
    • The Monument to Prince Kouzma Minine and Prince Dimitri Pojarski
    • We will enter the famous GUM
  • The Gardens of Alexandr
    • Change of guard
  • The tower of the trinity
  • The Kremlin
    • The Soviet Palace (Outside)
    • The Czar’s Canyon
    • The Great Bell
    • The square of the cathedrals
      • The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
      • The Cathedral of the Dormition
      • The Cathedral of the Annunciation
      • The Cathedral of the Assumption
      • The Bell Tower of Ivan the Great (Outside)
      • The Archaeological Museum of the Kremlin
    • The Patriarch’s Palace
  • The monument to Peter the Great
  • The Church of Christ the Savior

Return to the hotel with your guide (17:30)

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

  • To wear good shoes, in summer a comfortable sports shoe and in winter some real cold winter boots.
  • In the area where the tour takes place there is a wide variety of places to eat and drink, so the one should not worry about the type of food.
  • Menu prices are the same as any European capital or even less.
  • In all places bank cards are accepted for payments of all sums. If the payment will be in cash then it must be in Rubles.
  • To take good pictures we recommend a camera with flash for the subway. In winter, practically all cell phones are turned off by low temperatures, so you can run out of photos if the temperature is less than 3 degrees.
  • To change currencies, you can always do it with the best exchange following the instructions of the guide.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Kremlin tickets
  • Metro tickets

Not Included :

  • St Basil Cathedral tickets (Optional : Cost 1000 Rubles each)
  • Internal Guide of Kremlin (Optional : Cost of 4000 Rubles)
  • Drink and food
  • Private transport (Optional : Cost depending of number of persons)
Your picture in Moscow Hostorical Center