Moscow Swans Lake
A lot of stories, it isn't ony a lake. Let speak about it.
Moscow State University
What does it mean Stalin Sky Scrappers ?
Moscow Victory Park
At night, the park is transformed, let visit it.
Moscow Ukraine Hotel
From inside and outside, you will love the place.
Moscow Swans Lake

Moscow Sightseeing Tour

Forget about the many offers of the Moscow Sightseeing Tour that are on the internet or that offer some of the great companies that the only thing they pay attention to is the payment you must make regardless of quality.

Moscow Sightseeing Tour with our team is based on offering the best experience to our visitors, with calm and personalized stops and also with very logical price.

Meeting with your guide at the hotel

  • Duma (Chamber of Deputies of Russia)
  • Bolchoi Theatre (Outside)
  • Lubyanka Square (from car)
  • Old building of the KGB (from car)
  • Nueva Arbat Avenue (from car)
  • Ucraine Hotel (Inside and Outside)
    • We will enter to see the model of Moscow and to take photos
  • Panoramic view of New Moscow (From River)
  • Russian Federation Government House (Outside)
  • Moskva River
  • Moscow State University MGU (Outside – Stop for photos)
  • Hill of the Sparrows (Stop for photos)
  • Lake of the Swans (Stop for photos)
    • Novodevichy Monastery (Outside – Stop for photos)
  • Panoramic View of the Kremlin (from car)
  • Kutuzovskiy prospekt avenue (from car)
  • Arc of Triumph (Called also : The Victory Gate)
  • Monument to the Great Patriotic War (The Second World War)
  • Red Square (Stop for photos)
  • GUM (Stop for photos)
  • San Basilio (Stop for photos)
  • Moscow Kremlin (Stop for photos)

The night tour ends 2 hours after starting.

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

  • To wear good shoes, in summer a comfortable sports shoe and in winter some real cold winter boots.
  • To take good pictures we recommend a camera with flash for the subway. In winter, practically all cell phones are turned off by low temperatures, so you can run out of photos if the temperature is less than 3 degrees.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Private Transport

Not Included :

  • Drink and food