The Hermitage
The second largest museum in the world
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan
A piece of eternal and amazing architecture that you will only see in St. Petersburg
Peter the Great Monument
The center of St. Petersburg holds many surprises
Views on the Neva River
Egyptian Sphinxes, Fortaleza, San Isaac and much more from a single point
Saint Petersburg City Tour

Saint Petersburg City Tour

In Saint Petersburg City Tour we begin to know the city with the panoramic tour to see the central part, the cathedrals, including our jewels San Salvador and San Isaak.

In the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul we meet the Romanovs. The history of this royal family is a series of murders, conspiracies, coups. And in the end we know the true story of Princess Anastasia and her brothers.

We also visit the Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul, the main political prison of the Russian Empire, we talk about the famous prisoners, we enter the gloomy and humid cells.

In the afternoon we visit Hermitage, Winter Palace, the main residence of the Russian tsars. This huge museum is now the architectural complex of 6 buildings and in 3 hours we will see the most outstanding jewels of the museum – the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velásquez, Murillo, Goya. We talked about the owners of this palace visiting the gala halls richly decorated with gold and stones.

In addition to everything mentioned above, there are many points of great historical and artistic interest, such as monuments such as that of Peter the Great, the Egyptian sphinxes and every detail on both sides of the Neva river that has breathtaking views and a history that bears to the origins of the city and in addition to all this you see many things like that.

In the Saint Petersburg City Tour you will not only see cathedrals and museums, it is also a good opportunity to enjoy Russian food influenced by the Baltic countries, we especially recommend desserts.

We recommend you not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the Saint Petersburg City Tour, an essential option on your trip to Russia.

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Meeting with your guide at the hotel (10:00)

14.00 Rest, lunch

  • Guided visit to the Hermitage, Winter Palace, 3 hours

Duration: 8 hours

The tour takes place ON FOOT. If there is a need we use public transport.

Return to the hotel with your guide (17:30)

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

  • Every day except Monday and Wednesday because the museums are closed

  • To wear good shoes, in summer a comfortable sports shoe and in winter some real cold winter boots.
  • In the area where the tour takes place there is a wide variety of places to eat and drink, so the one should not worry about the type of food.
  • Menu prices are the same as any European capital or even less.
  • In all places bank cards are accepted for payments of all sums. If the payment will be in cash then it must be in Rubles.
  • To take good pictures we recommend a camera with flash for the subway. In winter, practically all cell phones are turned off by low temperatures, so you can run out of photos if the temperature is less than 3 degrees.
  • To change currencies, you can always do it with the best exchange following the instructions of the guide.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Hermitage and Church’s tickets​

Not Included :

  • Drink and food
  • Private transport (Optional : Cost depending of number of persons)
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