Sergiyev Posad Monastery
The Orthodox Vatican in Russia, must be visited
Assumption Cathedral
Just an example of many amazing constructions inside the monastery
See the devotion of Russian Orthodox
To understand the Russian people you have to understand their devotion.
Live the experience
For devotion, curiosity or just fun but try it
Sergiyev Posad Tour

Sergiyev Posad Tour

If we talk about the gold ring and the interesting ace to visit, then we must rethink the sergiev posad tour without a doubt.

A place that houses the most sacred for Russian Orthodox and the most symbolic in the history of the Russian nation. It is a set of the citadel that is composed of the monastery of the Laura of the Holy Trinity, a seminar to prepare future monks and all degrees of men of the Russian Orthodox church, shops and museum among other points, with an unparalleled beauty and an experience that leaves no one without a good degree of satisfaction and peace.

During the Sergiyev Posad Tour you will learn about the history of Saint Sergio and his struggle to create a religious environment of the most noble and sacred in a fourteenth-century Russia in full occupation of Mongolian tartar. We will go through the most interesting and relevant points with enough time to enjoy, take photos and videos with peace of mind.

The Tour is suitable for all ages, religion or interests since it is not only the Russian Orthodox Vatican but also a masterpiece of architecture and art, every step inside the visitor discovers buildings dating from the fifteenth century (Riurik Dynasty) until the early twentieth century with the Romanov denastia.

For the Sergiyev Posad Tour to be complete, you should not miss a lunch in the same city with typical Russian or republican dishes that have a gastronomic influence on Russian cuisine.
Although most of the agencies do this tour in large group format (To save on expenses), we always do it in private format even for only one person and with very comfortable private transportation.

If you are going to travel to Russia you cannot miss Sergiyev Posad Tour.

Meeting with your guide at the hotel (early)

  • Transfer to Sergiev Posad “70 kilometers northeast of Moscow”

    • Panoramic view from the viewpoint to the Monastery of San Sergio

    • Visit to the Monastery of San Sergius

      • The Cathedral of the Laura of the Holy Trinity

      • The Museum of Icons

      • The gift shop

      • Passing through the Bell Tower of 1762

      • The Cathedral of the Dormition

      • The source of Sacred Water

      • The Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles

      • The Church in honor of the appearance of the virgin

      • The Refectory

      • The Gardens of the Monastery

Return to Moscow

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

  • In the area where the tour takes place there is a wide variety of places to eat and drink (KOSHER), so the one should not worry about the type of food.
  • Menu prices are the same as any European capital or even less.
  • In all places bank cards are accepted for payments of all sums. If the payment will be in cash then it must be in Rubles.
  • To change currencies, you can always do it with the best exchange following the instructions of the guide.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Museum tickets
  • Private transport

Not Included :

  • Drink and food