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Special Package for Cruise Passengers

Special Package for Cruise Passengers Tour

The Special Package for Cruise Passengers Tour It is composed of 2 full days, which is the standard duration of the cruise ship docking in St. Petersburg.

DAY 1 :

We leave the cruise terminal in St. Petersburg to get to know the central part of St. Petersburg.

During the panoramic tour we know the Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul, the first building of the old city of St. Petersburg and where part of the Romanov dynasty is buried.

Here we talk about the members of the Romanov family, we know the tragic stories and legends of the family.

After this panoramic tour, we will follow our route on foot to go to the Hermitage Museum, where the Winter Palace is also located, former residence of Tsars. This huge museum is now the architectural complex of 6 buildings and in 3 hours we will see the most outstanding jewels of the museum – the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velásquez, Murillo, Goya. We talked about the owners of this palace visiting the gala halls richly decorated with gold and stones.

We continue our route through the city center to see the largest cathedral in St. Petersburg, the cathedral of St. Isaak.

We will also know inside the jewel of Russia, the Church of San Salvador on Spilled Blood decorated with 7 thousand square meters of mosaic.

DAY 2 :

The second day from the cruise terminal we will take the northern route to the Gulf of Finland until we reach Peterhof, the residence of the tsars. Called the Versailles of Russia, it is a jewel of Russian art that congregates a large number of gardens, with fountains and golden sculptures that adorn the great palace of Peter the Great.

After a tour of Peterhof, we will return to St. Petersburg. At the end of the tour we will return around 4:30 pm to the boats to end this two-day tour.

Our tours are done every day and we organize them with any cruise.

Booking with us “the Special Package for Cruise Passengers Tour”, cruise passengers do not need a visa to visit St. Petersburg.

We will be in charge of preparing all the necessary documents so that you can present them at the border control.

Day 1

  • 10.00 Pick up from Cruise Terminal
  • 11.00

Day 2

  • 10.00 Pick up from Cruise Terminal to Peterhof
  • 11.00 Guided tour of the palaces and gardens of Peterhof
  • 15.00 Return to St. Petersburg, rest, lunch
  • 16.30 Return to the Cruise Terminal

Possibility of extending the duration by adding a night tour at the end of the first day (After dinner).

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

Important :

  • Although our excursions are oriented to cruise passengers and we try to square schedules with the shipping companies, it is important that you check the arrival and departure times of the port of your cruise, as well as the duration of the excursion to ensure that you have time to make the excursion.
  • Cruise passengers must carry the international passport.
  • The Hermitage Museum is closed on Mondays. In case you book your tour to start a Monday, the itinerary will be modified to include the visit to the museum on the second day.

Advices :

  • To wear good shoes, in summer a comfortable sports shoe and in winter some real cold winter boots.

  • In the area where the tour takes place there is a wide variety of places to eat and drink, so the one should not worry about the type of food.
  • Menu prices are the same as any European capital or even less.
  • In all places bank cards are accepted for payments of all sums. If the payment will be in cash then it must be in Rubles.
  • To take good pictures we recommend a camera with flash for the subway. In winter, practically all cell phones are turned off by low temperatures, so you can run out of photos if the temperature is less than 3 degrees.
  • To change currencies, you can always do it with the best exchange following the instructions of the guide.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Park and Palaces tickets​
  • Private transport

Not Included :

  • Drink and food