More Tours in Saint Petersburg

Our first recommendation for More Tours in Saint Petersburg is the Night Sightseeing Tour.

The night tour is a mandatory option to complete the magic of St. Petersburg. If it is by boat it is still much better although for those who do not want to take long outside it can be done before by vehicle. The option to see the drawbridges and all the buildings, palaces and monuments from the boat gives this tour a unique perspective.

Our second proposal at “More Tours in Saint Petersburg” is that of the Faberge Museum, so if you are a lover of the most exquisite relics or just want to see a unique treasure collection and you also have plenty of time in St. Petersburg, then you cannot Miss the guided visit to the Faberge museum where the most famous works of artist and jeweler Faberge are exhibited. They are not just relics, they are stories full of love, ambition and art. Each piece with its unique design and unique history.

For those curious about discovering secrets of palaces, intrigues and stories of royalty, the visit to Yusupov Palace is an option that we recommend, among its walks and stays there were events that decided the course of the Russian nation at some times.
This option, together with visiting the Faberge museum, is perfect for those who want to spend another day in St. Petersbugo.

Grigori Rasputin, the enigmatic and fascinating influencer on royalty that little is known about him in reality in the world, a great influencer on royalty at the end of the Romanov era and also have the aristocracy under his influence.
What is his story?
What power did he have?
Why was he murdered?
These questions and many more will have answers in this visit that completes our proposals More Tours in Saint Petersburg.

With the options of more tours in St. Petersburg, we want to complete the experience that our visitors dream to enjoy during their stay in Russia.