Let know the origin of the Russian empire
All who visit it don't find words to describe it, more than any imagination.
Authentic Russian food
A stop to enjoy the best Russian meals in the middle of nature.
Vladimir and Suzdal Tour

Vladimir and Suzdal Tour

Vladimir and Suzdal Tour is the second most recommended tour for the gold ring area, before describing it we advise visitors to keep in mind that to enjoy it better combine it with other tours in the Golden Ring circuit and spend a night in Suzdal, otherwise it is a bit tidious given the distances to travel.

We can say that Vladimir and Suzdal Tour moves the traveler to distant epochs in Russian history, to the origin of the Russian nation and the Russian empire.

Vladimir city that is the symbol of greatness and power of the first princes who dominated the Russian terretory from the north to the south. Since its foundation in the year 990, it had a leading role in the birth of the different principalities that later, when unifying them, the country was born, although it is necessary to travel several centuries until that moment arrives.

Suzdal is simply described in one word: Magic. The city is part of the World Heritage Site “White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal”, declared by UNESCO in 1992. Founded in the early eleventh century is a symbol of the different epochs of great trancendencia in the history of Russia Without entering descriptions, we recommend visitors to spend a night there and enjoy the night magic that makes the person disconnect from the modern world and move to a fairy tale. Its wooden museum is a unique example of a past full of curiosities, the Kremlin that keeps secrets and unique remains of the past epochs and let’s not forget the sellers of gifts and local outdoor gastronomy.

Vladimir and Suzdal Tour is an option suitable for all ages and is done with a private guide and  transport.

We recommend combining Vladimir and Suzdal Tour with other options that we suggest when contacting us.

6:00 am – Meeting with your guide at the hotel

  • Transfer to Bogolyubovo “189 kilometers southeast of Moscow”

    • Visit to the monastery of Bogolyubovo

    • Visit to your enclosure

    • The church of the icon of the Mother of God

    • The palace of Prince Andres

  • Transfer to Vladimir “8 kilometers from Bogolyubovo”

    • Cathedral of the Assumption

    • The paintings of Andréi Ruvlov

    • The Cathedral of St. Demetrius

  • Lunch / Included in the price (Typical Russian restaurant “not a fast food”)

  • Transfer to Suzdal “36 kilometers from Vladimir”

    • Panoramic city tour

    • The museum of wooden houses and churches from the 17th – 18th century.

    • The Suzdal Kremlin

    • The museum with the camera of the Cross

    • The Cathedral of the Nativity

    • The Monastery of San Eutemio

10:00 pm – Return to the hotel with your guide

To enjoy this tour take into consideration :

  • In the area where the tour takes place there is a wide variety of places to eat and drink , so the one should not worry about the type of food.
  • Menu prices are the same as any European capital or even less.
  • To change currencies, you can always do it with the best exchange following the instructions of the guide.

Included :

  • Guide (English, Arabic, Frensh, Spanish)
  • Museum tickets
  • Private transport

Not Included :

  • Drink and food