In this little article (Never buy packages in big agencies) we will express about an experience that has made me reflect on the methods with which the big agencies work and the result that is given. And here a real example that
In most countries (Specially western) there are abounding criteria why you should not travel to Russia, the main cause without delving into this issue is the hidden propaganda of travel agencies (speaking of wholesalers), simply because the Russian state closed the door
The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the biggest theatres in Russia and the most famous theatre in Moscow, which has become a cultural symbol of the city. In fact, few of the tourists who visited the city were inside the Bolshoi Theatre,
In this article we will tell you 7 things you should have before traveling to Russia, those tips can save you in many aspect of traveling. We are not talking about the issue of passports or insurance since this is part of
It seems that the word tourism Halal in Russia is fashionable everywhere, there are many agencies that boast that they offer the options that most respect rules the Muslim religion but in real it is only a marketing strategy to attract tourists